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They will also explore grammatical topics such as phrasal verbs, gerund and infinitive constructions, verb pattern review, and indefinite and definite articles. Approach: Language is a creative and constantly evolving tool for communication. It is best acquired when a communicative and cooperative approach is taken with a focus on forms, dynamic activities, technology integration, and ample student practice time.

Methodology: We highly encourage ample task-oriented practice time in pairs, trios and groups as well as the use of eclectic methodologies to enhance student learning.

101 Phrasal Verbs for Business (Business English)

I'm moving out at the end of the month, me mudo a finales de mes. I mucked up the test, hice mal la prueba. I still muddle their surnames up, todavfa confundo sus apellidos. I'll nip out for a moment, salgo un momento. I nodded off in front of the television, me quede dormido viendo la tele. I've opted out of the scheme, me he borrado del plan. P pace dar un paso.

I'll pass on the news to head office, comunicare la noticia a la oficina central.

New Guide to Phrasal Verbs: English to Spanish

I must have passed out, debo de haberme desmayado. I'm afraid I cannot pass over your behaviour, lo siento, pero no puedo pasar por alto su comportamiento. I'm just passing through, estoy de paso.


P pace dar un paso. USD If you marry the wrong woman, you are 'finished'. What would you like for -? Explorations into the translator's in visibility ". Go out salir Volleyball

I'll pick up a pizza on my way home, pasare a comprar una pizza de camino a casa. I can't pin down what's wrong, no puedo precisar lo que no va bien.

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I'm planning on staying the night, tengo pensado pasar la noche alli. I hadn't planned on having to pay for it myself, no contaba con tener que pagarlo yo. I'm still ploughing through the book, todavfa estoy tratanto de leer el libro, pero me cuesta. I keep plugging away at my French, sigo dandole duro al frances.

gimimonekogo.cf I caught her poking about in the safe, la pesque fisgoneando en la caja fuerte. I'm going to polish up my French, voy a mejorar mi frances. I've just popped in to say hello, he entrado un momento a saludarte. I'm popping out to get some cigarettes, voy a salir un momento a comprar cigarrillos.

I spent the weekend just pottering about, me pase el fin de semana ocupado en tareas sin importancia. I've been pottering around the house all day, me he pasado el dia haciendo cosas en la casa. Tom pricked up his ears at the mention of food, Tom aguzo el ofdo cuando alguien menciono la comida. I pulled up a chair and sat down, acerque una silla y me sente. Ireland has been pushed out of the World Cup, Irlanda ha quedado eliminada del Mundial. Stanley put down for I he never puts his clothes away, nunca guarda su ropa.

I've never seen anybody put it away like that, nunca he visto a nadie engullir de esa manera.

10 PHRASAL VERBS para presumir de inglés en el trabajo

I put it down to her inexperience, lo atribuyo a su falta de experiencia. I'll put in a good word for you, hablare en tu favor. I'll have to put off my appointment with the hairdresser, tendre que posponer lo de ir a la peluqueria. Stanley guide to phrasal verbs she put her tongue out at him, le saco la lengua. I put my shoulder out, me disloque un hombro.

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Phrasal Verbs de inglés del mundo de los negocios - Kindle edition by Stephen Harrison. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Phrasal Verbs de inglés del mundo de los negocios eBook: Stephen Harrison: tkonpubmaredcti.ga: Kindle Store.

Micky will put us up for a couple of days, Micky nos alojara por un par de dfas. Q quarrel pelearse, discutir.

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I read it through carefully and couldn't find any mistakes, lo lei detenidamente y no encontre ningun error. I'm reading up on Carthage, estoy leyendo bibliografia sobre Cartago. I'd reckoned without the bad weather, no habi'a contado con el mal tiempo. I left a message but she didn't ring back, deje un recado pero no me devolvio la llamada.

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Peter has run out on Jane, Peter ha abandonado a Jane. I've run through your report, he hojeado tu informe. I'm afraid we can't run to hotel accommodation, lo siento pero no podemos permitirnos pagar un hotel. I'm saving up to buy a car, estoy ahorrando para comprarme un coche. I'm scouting around for a room to rent, estoy buscando una habitacion para alquilar. I scraped through my exams, aprobe justo mis examenes.

I spent hours scratching around for ideas, pase horas tratando de inspirarme. I'll see about getting a replacement, me encargare de conseguir un repuesto. I'll see you out, te acompano hasta la puerta. I'm too busy to see to everything myself, estoy muy atareada y no puedo ocuparme de todo. I sent away for a book, pedi un libro por correo.

I sent the book back, devolvi el libro. I live in a house set back from the road, vivo en una casa algo apartada de la carretera. I didn't set out with that idea, no tenia esa intencion al principio. Stanley guide to phrasal verbs he's set himself up as a plumber, se ha establecido como fontanero. Bill's shaping up as a swimmer, Bill esta haciendo progresos como nadador.

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I'm shut in all day with the kids, estoy todo el dfa encerrado con los nifios. I can't believe we've won, it hasn't sunk in yet, todavfa no me convenzo de que hayamos ganado. I'm sitting in for Mr Johnson, estoy sustituyendo al Sr.

I sat through two boring lectures, me escuche dos conferencias aburridas de cabo a rabo. I slapped another coat of paint on it, le di rapidamente otra mano de pintura. I'll sleep on it, consultare con la almohada. I slept through the morning, estuve toda la manana durmiendo. I'm going to slip into something more comfortable, voy a ponerme algo mas comodo. I'm afraid I slipped up, me temo que meti la pata.

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Jane liked to snuggle up with a book, a Jane le gustaba ponerse comoda a leer. I'm going to sort out my books, voy a organizar mis libros. I tried to sound him out about it, trate de averiguar que pensaba. I'm not interested! I stand by what I said earlier, me atengo a lo que dije antes, tne troops were standing by, las tropas estaban alertas. A stands for Africa, la A es por Africa. I'm standing in for the main actress, voy a suplir a la actriz principal.

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Harry is going to stand in for me next week, Harry me va a sustituir la semana que viene. I've been standing up all morning, he estado de pie toda la mafiana. I stayed off work today, hoy no he ido a trabajar. I've decided to step down from my post, he decidido a renunciar a mi puesto. I saw his foot sticking out from under the bed, vi su pie que asomaba por debajo de la cama.

I saw a gun sticking out of his pocket, vi que le asomaba un revolver del bolsillo. I'm sticking to what I said, mantengo lo que dije. I'll stop by your house on my way to the office, parare en tu casa de paso a la oficina. I've stored my winter clothes away in the attic, he guardado mi ropa de invierno en el atico. I'll straighten up the room, arreglare la habitacion. I'd better straighten myself up a bit, mas vale que me arregle un poco. I struck on a good idea, se me ocurrio una buena idea. I summed her up at a glance, le tome las medidas con una sola mirada.