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Preacher, an older soldier, gives Agu brown-brown to lift his mood. Agu and Strika take part in a number of bloody battles and ambushes. The battalion's success in the taking of several towns, killing hundreds of men, women and children, gains them a summons to the rebel HQ, where the Commandant, accompanied by Agu, Strika, and a few other members of the battalion, go to meet with the NDF leader.

They spend an entire night in the waiting area, infuriating the Commandant. When they finally meet the Supreme Commander, he informs the Commandant that he is not being promoted, as he had expected, and is in fact being removed from command. The Commandant's lieutenant will take control of the battalion, and the Commandant will be given a staff position under the rebel leader. The Commandant views this as an insult, and leaves to "celebrate" his lieutenant's promotion at a brothel. While the soldiers except for Agu and Strika spend the night with the brothel's women, one of the women shoots the lieutenant.

The lieutenant is badly wounded and the Commandant accuses the prostitute of trying to kill the lieutenant. The prostitute pleads with the Commandant and says she shot the lieutenant by accident, but the Commandant and his men shoot the women and leave the city with the battalion. Airstrikes and supply shortages kill many of them, with Strika being killed by a gunshot during an ambush. The remaining members of the battalion take shelter at a gold mine for several months, hoping to find gold to pay for supplies.

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Ammunition runs out, leaving the group with no way to defend themselves from encroaching enemy forces. Agu informs the Commandant of this, and he tells Agu that he must take care of him, as all sons must protect their fathers. As they speak, Preacher, now the new lieutenant, rallies the soldiers to abandon their posts and surrender to the UN, as they will surely starve or be killed if they stay.

The Commandant at first refuses to let them go, but relents when Agu says they should surrender. The soldiers all depart, leaving the raving Commandant alone. Shortly after, they are detained by UN troops.

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The younger members of the battalion are sent to a missionary school in a safe part of the country. Agu stays away from the other children, who play games and enjoy the comfort and safety of the school. Agu is tormented by what has happened, and has nightmares about it.

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After much time has passed, Agu tells the school's counselor that he has done some terrible things but he won't go into detail. He is afraid the counselor will think he is some kind of "beast.


The final scene shows Agu finally joining the other boys as they swim and play in the ocean. Cary Joji Fukunaga directed his own script, after having worked on it for seven years. He told Creative Screenwriting , "I read through the novel and I loved the elegant and concise way that Uzodinma Iweala told the story. I felt that would be the best way to enter the subject. The dialogue in the screenplay is faithful in form to the novel, originally written in a lighter form of Nigerian Pidgin English known as Krio.

On August 20, , Idris Elba joined the cast of the film adaptation. Abebrese , Grace Nortey and David Dontoh joined the film. On June 5, , principal photography was underway in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The film was simultaneously released theatrically and online through its subscription video on demand service on October 16, , [18] with Bleecker Street handling the theatrical release.

The website's critical consensus reads, " Beasts of No Nation finds writer-director Cary Fukunaga working with a talented cast to offer a sobering, uncompromising, yet still somehow hopeful picture of war's human cost.

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In , Artnet published an article suggesting that Fukunaga had appropriated content without crediting the work of Irish artist Richard Mosse , [25] whose work had gained notoriety in the art world for its use of infrared film and stirring depictions of child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. To support its accusation of plagiarism, the article included direct comparisons of individual frames from the film and original still photographs by Mosse.

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Beasts of No Nation Theatrical release poster. Bleecker Street Netflix.

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British Board of Film Classification. October 5, Retrieved October 5, Retrieved June 29, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved December 4, Retrieved July 29, Retrieved September 12, July 28, Retrieved December 13, July June 6, October 29, Retrieved October 31, We're telling stories. Creative Screenwriting.

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Army Beasts book. Read 14 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Promyse Fitzgerald had made herself a new life and a new home. Far away. Army Beasts (Army Beasts #1), Army Beasts 2 (Army Beasts #2), Embrace the Beast (Army Beasts #3), Army Beasts (Army Beasts #4), Army Beasts.

Retrieved January 8, Archived from the original PDF on January 1, Retrieved March 18, Radio Times. May 27, Retrieved September 11, Retrieved March 3, The Guardian. Retrieved March 4, Theatrical Release". Researchers have been hard-pressed to find official accounts of the services rendered by animals during the Great War. But if their labors once were taken for granted, four-legged and winged warriors have been acknowledged more recently as unsung heroes. France recently decided to recognize their wartime role.

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An estimated 10 million horses and mules, , dogs and , pigeons were enrolled in the war effort, according to Eric Baratay, a French historian specializing in the response of animals to the chaos, fear and smells of death in the mission that man thrust upon them. World War I marked the start of industrial warfare, with tanks, trucks, aircraft and machine guns in action.

But the growing sophistication of the instruments of death couldn't match the dog tasked with finding the wounded, the horses and mules hauling munitions and food or the pigeons serving as telecommunications operators or even eyes, carrying "pigeongrams" or tiny cameras to record German positions. Indeed, gas masks were fitted to the muzzles of four-legged warriors braving noxious battlefield fumes.

In France, as in Britain and elsewhere, horses and mules were requisitioned. One typical sign posted in southern Paris ordered citizens to present their steeds and mules to the Requisition Committee by Nov. Cher Ami, or Dear Friend, the carrier pigeon who wouldn't quit, lived up to her name, saving the lives of American troops of the "Lost Battalion" of the 77th Infantry Division, isolated behind enemy lines during the Meuse-Argonne offensive in eastern France.

About men had held their ground against a far larger German force for days before coming under fire from American troops unaware the trapped soldiers weren't the enemy. On Oct. Charles Whittlesey sent Cher Ami into the skies with a final message giving the U. Cher Ami lost an eye and a leg from German gunfire, but kept flying, around 25 miles 40 kilometers in about a half-hour, according to the U. World War I Centennial Commission.

Another carrier pigeon named Vaillant, assigned to the French military, also performed extraordinary feats during the war. On June 4, , he was released into the sky with the desperate message, "He's my last pigeon. The feisty bird flew through toxic gas and smoke, reaching the Verdun pigeon loft choked by fumes.

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With no help arriving despite Vaillant's courageous effort, Raynal and his men surrendered three days later. Horses are ancient warriors, but most of those conscripted during World War I weren't war-ready. They died by the millions, from disease, exhaustion and enemy fire, forcing the French and British armies to turn to America to renew their supply.

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A veritable industry developed with more than half a million horses and mules shipped by boat to Europe by fall , according to the American Battle Monuments Commission. Drage, the commander of the British Remount Commission in Lathrop, Missouri, a major stockyard for the future beasts of war.

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