Back to Ground Zero

Back to Ground Zero
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Ground Zero Supertower

For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you. This place, in some ways, made me who I am today. Our being here together made it a beautiful thing, rather than tragic. We are traveling companions.

It was late, and the hospital floors were quiet. A giant Christmas tree was being put up and trimmed. What a comforting treat the visiting families would find in the morning.

9/11 'Survivor Tree' Returns to Ground Zero - Short Film Showcase

The charge nurse at the desk looked familiar. Was she one of the nurses who had tended Vernon? More memories. She was able to give Sandy some loose information and we went in to see our friend. There we found her, peaceful in the bed. Sandy prayed a peaceful blessing over her and she responded with a word of clarity.

We were also able to connect a little with the sitter, who told us that the reason she does this work is because her own son had died of cancer in his twenties three years ago, and this is her way of serving others in his honor.

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Now the site is empty. Regardless of how the man came to own the flag, firefighters told the local police, and investigators looked into the claim that this flag, which was 3 feet by 5 feet, was the original featured in the iconic photograph. Not me or Jesse, or even the thousands who have lost their lives fighting for freedom in the last decade. It's a major step forward. And there's another reason this supertower has so little movement.

Hospitals are filled with the threat of loss and death. But they are also filled with grace, surprises, history, and love.

They are filled with all of humanity, at any given moment. And many of these people are going to leave changed forever. Update: our friend was released Saturday evening, reportedly looking and acting better than she has in weeks. Her life is extended…as is hope. Dear Allison, To me this is one of your most deep, beautiful writings. I was right there with you entering that hospital….

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Thank you so much, Barbara. Thank you for staying part of the journey even though Vernon is no longer here. I love and am grateful for you.. Allison, This is such a good look back at experience with your love and your husband.

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Look almost every day to see if you have left a message from you. Stay close to God and He will bring you through.

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Love, Becky.