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At a cellular level inside the body, histamine release is the main reason why a puppy itches but sometimes simply the annoyance of a reoccurring insect bite can also cause a puppy to scratch itself.

Itchy skin – 14 reasons why your child may be scratching

If you don't see any obvious parasites on your puppy then a veterinarian can help you aid in finding the reason for the itching. Sometimes simply tests need to be performed to find skin or ear parasites and other times a discussion about nutrition and environment will discover the underlying reason for the itching. For allergy concerns, there are blood, saliva, and skin tests available to help discover whether or not a puppy is allergic to something but they are not very accurate.

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Ruling out a specific thing in a diet or household, such as a certain meat protein or feather pillows, is usually the best to determine what a puppy is allergic to. If the reason for the itching is due to a parasite, medications will be prescribed to kill off the intruders. Other medications such as antibiotics, steroids, and anti-inflammatories may also be needed to help soothe a puppy's symptoms or treat an infection.

Why Dogs Scratch

Many are related to hormonal problems and they can be difficult to diagnose. Some drugs , like one used to treat malaria , cause a painful all-over itch. The methods used to treat a rabbit's itching and scratching depend on the cause. Cats scratch things for several reasons, including: To stretch. Much easier? The most familiar of these healing states is daydreaming.

Sometimes adding in a supplement to improve the skin condition, changing the diet, or avoiding allergens is needed to treat the reasons for itching that aren't due to parasites. Using regular preventative medications to kill off fleas, mange, ear mites, and other parasites will help keep your puppy from scratching due to an infestation.

If parasites are already under control then Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil along with probiotics are good supplements to add into a puppy's diet to help keep their skin healthy and itch-free.

Vet Advice: Relief for Your Dog's Itchy Skin

Fleas - Puppies can get fleas very easily. Fleas can jump from the grass or other outside surface and onto a puppy as well as off of one dog onto another. They rapidly reproduce and feed off of puppies by biting them, which is very irritating. Some drugs , like one used to treat malaria , cause a painful all-over itch.

It can lead to skin wounds, infections, and scarring. It can also make you anxious and stressed.

Instead, rub, pat, tap, or tightly hold the itchy area. You can also gently pinch your skin.

Take care of your skin. Dry skin will make itching worse. Use a gentle, scent-free hydrating cleanser, and stay away from perfumed products.

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Apply lotion. At least once a day, use moisturizing cream to soothe your itchy skin. Your doctor may suggest something that has menthol or calamine in it to cool your skin. Ask your doctor. If a cat is showing other signs of stress , like inappropriate elimination, scratching inappropriate household items, hiding, or clingy or aggressive behavior, stress might be the culprit.

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Drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated. Use a humidifier. If you start scratching and find a rash, it's likely the problem is in your skin. It can happen. When you've got itchy skin, your first instinct is likely to scratch -- a lot. It helps to keep your nails short so you're less likely to break your skin if.

Ear conditions like ear mites and ear infections can cause a cat to scratch their ears and around their heads excessively with their back claws. They may also hold their ears or even their whole head at a funny angle. Pain, usually from arthritis or a urinary tract infection, can cause a cat to focus on licking one area of the body—the part that hurts—to help it feel better.

Again, these cats don't usually scratch in addition to the licking and may show other signs related to the painful condition as well, such as limping or inappropriate urination. If your cat is licking areas of the body to the point of baldness or causing redness on their own skin or if he is scratching excessively with his back claws, make an appointment with the veterinarian right away.

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Your vet will take a complete history from you of what you noticed and when and might ask some questions about diet changes, parasite control, and exposure to other cats. Then, the doctor will do a thorough physical exam. Once that's done, he or she might recommend some testing to narrow down the problem. Those tests might include:. Once a diagnosis is made, your vet will prescribe medications to help with the itchiness, treat any secondary infections caused by the over-licking and scratching, and make a plan to manage the primary cause.

You might be applying topical ointment, giving oral medication, using special shampoo, or your vet might give some injections.

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