Nobody Thought I Could Do It, But I Showed Them, and So Can You!

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When I had enough, and dedicated every single moment, right now, to being in control of my thoughts and emotions, I started seeing real results. My depression and social anxiety is normal now. I am much healthier in ever aspect because I do the work to get that health.. I welcome challenges. I found peace and self-love.. I am still invisible. I never fit in with those people anyway. But I am a human like everyone else, and although introverted, I do enjoy the company of others at times.

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That is normal. So I understand the frustration. Human beings get really out of whack when it comes to seeking social worth, but in the end, as valuable as it can be, it is still an illusion.

You decide your worth. You must learn to be a warrior of life and enjoy it, and you can, but you have to dig deep down and do a lot of introspection. Sounds like you put a lot of your worth into the opinions of your parents, comparing yourself to your brother, and mixed with a lot of real or delusion when it comes to the opinions of others.

Understand deep in your soul: you are not the opinions of others.

Put on a happy song, think back to one of your happier times.. Use it every day for the rest of your life. Thank you so much John! I deeply appreciate your thoughts and it made a lots of sense to me. Thanks again! The hole in your life might be filled with His love. I love the Lord. Amen Mike! God Bless you for saying that. I feel that everyone I am around family included tries to bring me down. I have constant hate from my family. They call me lazy, selfish, etc. You are not the opinions of others, even your parents. I really relate to it. But I just dont know how to keep that momentum going once it starts to work.

Eventually my mood just shifts and throws me off track, and i spiral down again. I feel like people tend to seek friendship with other who have a crowd around them. My loneliness is working against my chances finding friends. Oh hi Fred , I understand , it really sucks hey , really hurts. Makes it easier to tell the truth of how things are not so good for us , instead of pretending. Thanks again for your touching post , Kim. Im actually surprised how many people feel the way i do.

Once in a while i feel good for no reason, and i just accept it and savor those moments. I look forward to reading more and learning how to silence the negative self hatred. Remember how people at school would gather around a victim and bully them? How everyone snubbed the unfortunate person because it was uncool to befriend them? Well these same people grew up to become the adults of today. They carried the same nagative values into adult life, the same mental idea that it is okay to tread on other people to remain popular, to reach the top — and that is exactly where they are!

I was one of those victims. Take a step back and consider modern behaviour in adults today: A spoiled generation who care little about everything from environmental destruction to the well-being of their own children.

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51 quotes from Nobody Thought I Could Do It, But I Showed Them, and So Can You!: 'The nurse told him that my surgery had been moved to , and the tran. Nobody Thought I Could Do It, But I Showed Them, and So Can You! () by Amy Rankin and a great selection of similar New.

A throw-away age that also includes people. In fact, I think they should change. No man wants to stay with me, despite all my efforts. They seem to b crazy about me and then all of a sudden.. The wicked thought am going to die lonely and afraid keeps reoccurring!! This article does an admirably accurate job describing how awful this experience feels emotionally. To me, this makes a lot more organic sense than doing battle with ourselves. Most of us have had enough of that— and these aspects are trying to help us, not hurt us.

My mother died 3 years ago and I have no contact with my father. I have very few friends and am becoming so lonely I just wish life would hurry up and end.

I work full time and even though my manager and team mates always praise me I feel excluded and different and the more lonely I become the more difficult I find it to talk to people. I spend most weekends alone in the house.

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I have borderline personality disorder and the voice has completely taken over. It keeps me inside a lot of the time and I have no opportunities to make friends.

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Hope you get to come and read this. Hope you and the baby is going well. What caught my attention most about your comment is when you talk about losing your personality because I have been there. I suffer from loneliness as well but feel that I am getting better over the years. I am getting much better but still battle with these emotions and feel that God Is showing me that I will never truly find happiness trying to relate to people.

I have lived by myself twice and which people and in all my cases this feeling of loneliness never died.

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Now I am about to live on my own again and I am prepping myself to deal with the thoughts of loneliness that I know that I will feel. Just recently after all these years of my father not being in my life I just found out that he committed suicide a couple of years back and it has also made me deal with myself a lot because many years of negative through will take you to a very bad place.

I refuses to let the devil get in that much and it will always start with people. While I do believe that we can find truly loving worth while people and connections in life it can take a life time and depends on the quality of selection. I am still healing and moving foward and still a lot if defeating thoughts of not being liked or feeling alone but I do put more effect of talking myself off of the ledge.

I do have a partner but I am not always happy with the attention or quality time that I am getting and still contemplate about letting the relationship go. My of these concepts of live and connecting with people that we learn are illusions that turn into delusions over all it is about balance.

I have had the same experiences in life. At work people will talk about going to happy hour right in front of me and never invite me! Right now my boss only included my coworker in meetings, planning, and we do the same exact job. I recently found out that I am on the autism spectrum, high functioning, what used to be called asberger syndrome. I have a heck of a time connecting with people.

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I too noticed that some people who no one likes because of bad behavior are included. I think it is because while they r annoying, they are real, alive, and connecting with others. Knowing there is a reason for my angst has helped. Wow…and I thought I was possesed or that I had a sign on my back that warned others to stay away from me! Well I feel better now knowing that all you good and sensitive people are senceing what I am. For years I have made myself available for errands and household repairs only to discover that my suspicions were correct..

I WAS being snubbed. So I discovered that my inner self respect was being replaced by an inner being that was insecure and lonely.