Our Purpose Together: Bringing the Eternal Down to Earth

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What is the purpose of life? The current cadre might be interested to know that my eight-year-old daughter discovered the answer not too long ago. Vanessa is in second grade this year. She has learned to read well enough by now that she can almost keep up with her twelve-year-old brother when we read the scriptures together.

Quite so. Bereft of such light, even the most astute intellects struggle in darkness. Marcus Aurelius, Stoic philosopher and Roman emperor, was only one of multitudes who have vainly sought the meaning of life. His conclusion? Doug Stewart, an institute teacher from Apple Valley, California, learned that truth for himself. Doug has diabetes, and one time it nearly killed him.

Nine years ago, a missed diagnosis left him untreated for severe mononucleosis and a bleeding ulcer; with his diabetes, the combination sent him into a ketoacidotic coma. The next thing I remember was when I came to and began to cry. I vaguely remembered what seemed like a dream and making a choice, but things were still so foggy. In this blessing I was given a choice to live or die.

Our Purpose Together: Bringing the Eternal Down to Earth

Later, I decided I must have chosen to live so as to be with my family and experience whatever else I needed to learn in this life. Death is only a transition, just as life is a transition. Does that mean he sees mortality as unimportant, as something of a waiting period? Quite the contrary.

To learn. To be happy. Why do we suffer pain and heartbreak? Why is there so much sorrow? The truth is, happiness is not synonymous with pleasure or even freedom from pain. Those who expect life to be carefree do not understand that joy is the brother and child of tribulation.

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True happiness comes from the personal, spiritual growth that rises out of the fires of mortal experience. Some of the trials we face in life we impose on ourselves. Others are caused by the sins and weaknesses of our fellow beings. And some just come because we live in a fallen, imperfect world. Still, the source of our trials is not nearly as important as the fact that they exist and the way we deal with them.

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The Savior himself underscored that fact for the Prophet Joseph Smith. Art thou greater than he? Trials, then, are a fundamental part of the plan of life. The key to happiness here and eternal joy hereafter is the atonement of Jesus Christ.

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Though I am weak, the Lord is strong; as I repent, he can help me overcome my imperfections. His grace frees me to be happy. One of them is a South African named Charles Naismith. Four years ago, he and his wife came in contact with LDS missionaries. I knew straight away that I had to stop. The greatest thing the Savior has done for him, Charles says, is to bring a meaning into his life that is inextricably bound to happiness.

Life is not complicated. People complicate it.

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But I have them for a purpose. These fundamental laws and ordinances by which salvation comes are clearly set forth:. The Lord spoke plainly on this point. Third, baptism by water and of the Spirit, by which ordinances only, as the Master taught Nicodemus, could one see or enter into the kingdom of God. See John —5. This same teaching was forcibly impressed by the resurrected Savior to the saints on this continent, in what it appears likely was his final message to his disciples. If the children of the Lord, which includes all who are upon this earth, regardless of nationality, color, or creed, will heed the call of the true messenger of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as did the three astronauts on the Aquarius to the trained technicians at Mission Control in the hour of their peril, each may in time see the Lord and know that he is, as the Lord has promised.

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Or will we be like those foolhardy ones on the river above the Niagara Falls who were approaching the dangerous rapids? Despite warnings of the river guards to go toward safety before it was too late, and in complete disregard of the warnings, they laughed, they danced, they drank, they mocked, and they perished. So would have been the fate of the three astronauts on the Aquarius if they had refused to give heed to the minutest instruction from Houston Control.

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Their very lives depended upon obedience to the basic laws which govern and control the forces of the universe. O that the world would see in another parable to John the Revelator the sacred figure of the Master calling to us today as he did to those of Jerusalem:. Here, then, is the plan of salvation as taught by the true church, which is founded upon apostles and prophets, with Christ, the Lord, as the chief cornerstone Ephesians , by which only can peace come, not as the world giveth, but as only the Lord can give to those who overcome the things of the world, as did the Master.

Her father was afflicted with what the doctors had pronounced was an incurable malady.

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Today I could desire with all my heart that all within the sound of this broadcast would likewise thank God for one more day! For what? For the opportunity to take care of some unfinished business.

Seek for strength to attend to the problems of today. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

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That may sound familiar to Doctor Who fans, and according to Guth, the TARDIS is "probably a very accurate analogy" for the kind of warping of space he's talking about. And Other Big Questions for Kids. A learned man named Del Rio is certain it is and has given proofs; others deny it. Still us, but far better. I lived in his shadow, ministering to his daily needs.

He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands. And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. For you alone are holy. All nations will come and worship before you, for your righteous acts have been revealed.

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